Session Schedule

Below are our next Straight Line Aerodynamic Testing sessions, and you can download their schedules by clicking on the .pdf icons.

Next Sessions
JB#15 - Friday, February 9th and Saturday, February 10th 2018

All of our 2.3 Mile High Speed Aerodynamic Testing events are over two days. Below is an example session schedule.

KSC Badging Office for 10:00AM
KSC Badging OfficeEveryone meets at the KSC Badging Office for 10:00AM to collect their badges.

At around 11:00AM we will drive in convoy to our HQ located on the edge of the runway for the IMRA Tech Inspections. Please remember to bring your completed Driver, Crew forms and Photo I.D.'s with you (you can find them here).

After you have passed Tech Inspections, and completed your paperwork you can leave your vehicle at our HQ. This is a very secure location. Bring along some lunch with you, and meet with the other drivers, normally we wrap up around 3:00PM. Leaving the rest of the day at your leisure, and your very early start the next morning!

KSC Badging Office for 5:30AM
The actual 2.3 miles runs take place on the Saturday, and your day starts by meeting at the KSC Badging Office for 5:30am. The nearest hotels and Gas Stations in Titusville are a 15-25 min drive away, but are on route to the event.

We will then drive in convoy to HQ, and have our group Safety Meeting. This is followed by IMRA Tech Inspections for anyone who was unable to Tech-in the day before. At around 8:10am we all will drive and enter the runway from the southern end. This is the first time Rookies will see the Space Florida's Shuttle Runway size.

At 300 feet wide it is equivalent to 25 Freeway lanes! runway course, and then Rookies will complete their 150MPH IMRA Driver Certification run.

We aim to start the 1 Mile runs by 8:40am, and the 2.3 Mile runs by 11:30am. We run until 4:30pm, so make sure you bring plenty of water, food, sunscreen and a hat!



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