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Johnny Böhmer Proving Grounds at Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility

Space Florida's Shuttle Landing Facility Runway is an engineering marvel and one of the flattest all concrete surface runways in the world. NASA designed and created the runway with only a 1/4 inch difference from end to end. During the design and creation of the 3.2 Mile runway NASA had to compensate for the curvature of the earth to ensure the flattest surface possible. The Shuttle Landing Facility has been labeled an incredible engineering feat!

The Johnny Böhmer Proving Grounds Shuttle Landing Facility was designed not only for the Space Shuttle, but also the largest aircraft in the world. The Runways concrete surface is 100 yards wide and 3.2 miles long. It has a 24 inch crown in the center, but it is hardly noticeable due to the incredible width of the runway. 1/4" X 1/4" perpendicular rain grooves are spaced every (1 and a 1/4) inch. They cover the main body of the runway starting at the 3500' mark on the north and south end proceeding to the center. These grooves have never affected any groups/teams data logging equipment used during test's at the Shuttle Landing Facility. Many test's done by groups/teams exceed 200mph! There is an additional 1000' asphalt runoff on each end of the Runway with a transition edge that is 1/2" high.

The Runway has an incredible array of lights that were designed to be easily seen from space! These lights are fully adjustable to accommodate driver needs for all night testing. Full time weather information is also available from the on site Air Traffic Control Tower.

The Runway has "four" one mile military GPS surveyed sections that intersect,"two" from north to south and "two" from south to north. This allows for accurate timing when doing research and development testing. The International Mile Racing Association has access to the facility and regularly assists in timing sessions for different teams/groups. IMRA will also oversee the vehicle being tested and overall safety of the teams/groups when needed.

The NASA fire rescue is located at the south end of the runway. Their abilities far exceed the potential needs of a car incident, and they are on site 24/7.

There are two very large structures available for teams to use! These structure's come with nice restrooms, WIFI, break areas, a cafeteria and snacks.

This is a WORLD CLASS historical testing facility which offers a one of a kind unique driving experience!!

Shuttle Runway Specifications:

SLF Runway 15 (NORTH END) Latitude 28 degrees 37 minutes 57.93 seconds North
Longitude 80 degrees 42 minutes 21.83 seconds West

SLF Runway 33 (SOUTH END) Latitude 28 degrees 35 minutes 49.1 seconds North
longitude 80 degrees 40 minutes 57.66 seconds West

SLF Runway (CENTER) 28 degrees 36 minutes 53.66 seconds North
80 degrees 41 minutes 39.74 seconds West

- Johnny Böhmer



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